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Learning Python and Data Science with NYC Schools Open Data Portal

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Data can be a crucial tool for understanding and managing our schools, and its analysis and interpretation have powerful consequences. The mission of the NYC Schools Open Data Portal is to make open public school data in New York available to everyone interested in improving our schools, regardless of their technical background or familiarity with data analysis. To broaden the reach of this open data, we have two goals: help more people acquire the technical skills to effectively work with the data while also lowering the technical requirements to use the data.

In this hands-on session we will discuss the variety of open data available regarding schools, demonstrate the types of questions this data can help us explore, and help you get started writing your own simple (or complex) programs to analyze, visualize, and map this data.

For more information about the project, visit our github project:

Date/Time: Thursday March 16, 4:30pm-6:30pm

Where: Adelphi Manhattan Center, 75 Varick Street, 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10013

The workshop will be presented by the NYC Schools Open Data Project team:

  • Matthew, Curinga, Associate Professor, Adelphi University

  • Taye Johnson, MA candidate Educational Technology, Adelphi University

  • Kavindra, Sahabir, MS candidate Applied Mathematics, Adelphi University

  • Robert Wilcox, MA candidate Educational Technology, Adelphi University

  • Henry, Choi, parents advocate and former President Queens CEC 24

  • Antonios, Saravanos, Clinical Associate Professor, New York University


This is a free event and open to the public. Please bring photo ID to enter the Adelphi campus in Manhattan. As a hands-on workshop, it's recommended but not required that you bring a laptop. We will be working in teams, so not every person needs their own laptop.

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