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Math Education, 

Science Education, or 

Computer Science Education 



The Master’s in STEAM Teaching and Learning prepares students for careers in mathematics education, science education or computer science education, with accreditation for K-12 teaching in their discipline.


The program emphasizes interdisciplinary learning experiences and creativity. The term STEAM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM represents an approach to STEM education that prioritizes creativity, design, reasoning, innovation, making, and technology, with a focus on teaching and learning in formal and informal learning environments.


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This program equips students with skills for developing project-based curricula and engaging pedagogy, guided by research indicating that the STEAM approach can help students who have been excluded from math, science, and computer science academically and professionally. The program supports students to become effective and passionate teachers who can design robust project-based curriculum, connect across school communities, and inspire their students to think rigorously and creatively about mathematics, science, and computer science.

The program offers courses online and in-person, allowing candidates to take courses at night. The program can be completed in one year and includes 30 credits of coursework and a teaching practicum. Candidates benefit from our collaborative partnerships with school districts, our exceptional mentor teachers in the field, and opportunities to join projects and events hosted by MIXI, our Manhattan Institute for Studies of STEM and the Imagination.

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